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Originally Posted by scarlton View Post
Thanks strinxx, this is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for.

First question: are you using the Houston's USB connection, or midi?
Midi, since Steinberg doesn't provide new 64bit drivers. Or is there a workaround I don't know of?

Originally Posted by scarlton View Post
First of all, the encoders are terrible. They're not continuous as you would expect, they output discrete values and stop outputting any value at all when they LED arc is fully lit or fully extinguished. The LEDs can't be set individually (that I'm aware).
You mention that you've used the Houston with Cubase - does Cubase ever change the way the LED arcs work? Like the way that you describe - with one LED lit at a time, and sweeping left or right with the pan value of the track?
Obviously that would be ideal for pan control, but I'm not sure that's possible with the Houston.
The plugin isn't interpreting all of the data sent for the encoders either, so precision can get better.
As you can see in the attached jpeg it's possible in Cubase.
So hopefully in Reaper too!

Originally Posted by scarlton View Post
These buttons are what makes the Houston tricky. As I mentioned before, I think these should all be user-configurable, but with defaults that are (hopefully) intuitive. With that in mind, I don't think by default I want to assign any actions that aren't native to REAPER, in the event that the user doesn't have the SWS extension installed, for example.
Also, this functionality will probably wait until later, as I want to work on making the core functionality more robust.
I see.
But since one is missing a lot of functionality without sws, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to ingrate the sws extension and bring Houston's functionality in Reaper as close as it can get, compared to Cubase.
It was unbeatable there, you had access to almost everything, complete I/O-Routing, Control-Room, Send-FX, Aux, even browsing through your FX-list.. really cool.

Originally Posted by scarlton View Post
I didn't implement forward/reverse yet, but shift + FF/RWD to jump to start/end should be there.
Cool, I check this out.

Originally Posted by scarlton View Post
I'll have to take a closer look at the jog/scrub API, but I implemented jogging the way it was done in the MCU plugin. I'm not even sure there's the capability to snap to the grid on jogging, but it's not a bad idea.

Originally Posted by scarlton View Post
I was working on the number pad right before the version of the plugin that you're using, so I don't think any of it is working yet. I had originally implemented the number pad to just issue the keycodes for the respective number keys on a keyboard, which would jump to that numbered marker by default, and shift+[number] would set a marker.
I'm not sure what to do with the Function/Data/Cursor buttons and from reading the Houston manual, it seems as though the implementation was strange in Cubase as well.
Yes it was never completely implemented.
And what I wrote before were only suggestions, based on what I was able to do with bome's miditranslator.
So if you want to keep it open for anyone, maybe it's a good idea to combine Function/Data/Cursor-buttons with the number-pad as number-keys.
This would give us lots of assignable buttons, which would be handy, too.
Lately I was looking for a box with just a lot of knobs, to trigger some more actions.

Originally Posted by scarlton View Post
I don't have an MCU, but I do have an iPad and AC-7. Maybe I'll take a look at what klinke's doing with the MCU for ideas.
Can you find the thread with the custom actions you were talking about? I like the idea of showing/hiding "sets" of faders, maybe that's an idea to pursue.
It's a wiki, there you go:
But.... sws too!
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