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In general it's basic functions are doing great!

Every little while though, it seems to lose it's connection.... kind of...
Transport always works, but Faders stop working... wait a few secs and they are back again.

And hey scarlton, you did it in 32 and 64bit. Great!

So now to the longer part:
These are really just suggestions, about what I think would be cool or handy. I have no idea what's actually really doable, so please scarlton don't be mad with me ok

I try to divide the functions based on the layout.

On the very left we have some automation buttons, one SHIFT and one for the motors:
motors works as expected
read/ write - maybe it's possible to toggle through automation-modes (latch, touch...) by pressing the mode-button.

fader-section and encoders

is it possible to have a different pan-indication, like 1 dot in the middle for 50/50, then the ring "opens" to left/ right depending on the pan?
shift + pan maybe for width?

it "felt" like turning the encoders anticlockwise is very exact and fast, turning clockwise not so much and takes a few more turns to get to 100% right..

pressing "more" next to the scribble strip maybe for db-/ plugin- values and stuff? Could we get some timecode shown - is this doable?

above the encoders some more buttons (yippie!):

Global Send Masters > if possible set master-outputs 1,2,3...?
Send FX > add (new) Quick-FX/ add FX-chain 1,2,3..?
Master FX > add FXon slot 1,2, (with sws extensions)?
Instruments > open VSTi from track-template?

Faderset EQ 1-4 > REA-EQ band 1-4, maybe more values ?
User 1/2 > user defined
Routing > open I/O, add send/recieve/hardware-out 1,2,3..
by entering the corresponding number (id) with the number pad
Pan > show default display/values, like track-names..
FX send 1-8 > adjust send level 1-8, + shift adjust send's pan..?

Selected Chan EQ > + page up/dwn for REAeq, maybe other plugins mappable?
Aux > Sends level
Inserts > + 1,2,3 (number-pad) for inserting FX 1,2,3
(hope I make sense here...)
User 1/2/3 > definable
Routing > maybe open console to set input 1,2,3... (sws)

Transport-section and above

love the "arm" button - this never worked in Cubase, really nice to select some channels and arm them with 1 single click. Cool!

FF/Rwd don't work. Not that bad, we have a jog-wheel but would be handy to really go very fast through a project.
Maybe shift + FF/RWD set cycle in and out, or to go to in/out or begin/end of project?

Is it possible to have the wheel move by grid settings like half, 4th, 8th, 16th n' stuff. That'd be supercool for editing!
Or move In/Out points with the jog, by pressing shift + turn, according to grid.

Buttons above the transport

Song Save > as expected
Revert > go back to previous version (would this make sense..?)

Edit Undo > as expected
Redo > as exp.
Cancel/No/Yes > no idea.... this neither worked in Cubase

Windows Sets + 1,2,3 (number-pad) > load window-set 1,2,3
shift + 1,2,3 save win-sets 1,2,3
Main > open/close docker shows only arrange area
Edit > open/close editor (midi/inline maybe possible by context)
Studio > show mixer

Marker Jump + 1,2,3 > go to marker 1,2,3
Capture > add marker at current position
Delete + 1,2,3 > delete marker 1,2,3

Functions + 1,2,3 10s + 1,2,3, like 11,12,13 for assignable actions, maybe together with the encoders to move items, change certain values...?

Data to enter number-values, so you don't need to get back to comp-keyboard.

Cursor hmmmmmm... maybe to set grid to 1, 1/2, 4th, 8th, maybe 3 for triplets...

ZAP jump forth and back between 2 values..?

....pfffff... ok, so these are just my ideas for now, and as I said: I have no clue if this is really doable or not.

Anybody else...?
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