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Originally Posted by Guido View Post
[...] Which makes me think..Why not ..dont get pissed banned.. "standardize kinda" the Reaper end and convert any midi spittin box into whatever standard u say?

A lot of these boxes are alot alike..8 faders u know its just a mater of the "midi alphabet". I hope i am not being naive..but to my eyes that helps EVERYONE.[...]
I think we already more or less agreed (on that HUI docs thread that you started) that it would be a good idea to standardize/share where feasible and practical. I'm all in favor. And I'll also be following this thread with great interest, although I don't have a Steinberg Houston.

But, to be clear, the approach that I hinted at does not need any further standardization on the REAPER end - it just taps into its existing features. As I explained in that other thread already, imho the difficult part is not about making some standardized list of MIDI CC# numbers and channels to use, but about making some standardized or ideal UI, which involves having to make choices of a much more subjective character.

Perhaps we should make something like a feature comparison chart/map for different protocols/models, so it's clear how much features they share, whether and how much their implementation differs, etc., so we can more clearly see what scope there is for some kind of uniform abstraction layer.
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