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Originally Posted by scarlton View Post
I'm working on a plugin to support the Houston control surface, so I'm looking for people who have a Houston and would be willing to test and provide feedback.

I realize there won't be many people here who still have one, but I know there are a few anyway. It's a decent surface, so let's get it working with Reaper.

Also many thanks to inthepipeline for capturing some of the Houston protocol and making it available here, it's been a good starting point for the plugin.
Hi Scarlton,

That is awesome news!! On a related front I have also made some strides converting my HUI into an mcu! And if ur houston Reaper csurf imolementation is better than available csurfs for MCU..ill turn it into a houston! Wow..things are starting to converge^^
I am no coder ..i just convert the midi messages with bomes. Which makes me think..Why not ..dont get pissed banned.. "standardize kinda" the Reaper end and convert any midi spittin box into whatever standard u say?

A lot of these boxes are alot alike..8 faders u know its just a mater of the "midi alphabet". I hope i am not being naive..but to my eyes that helps EVERYONE.
But I defer to u ..its ur baby after all^^

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