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I would not b to scared by the A.I. in music or looking to negative to it. Of course there will be a misuse and probably generated music to make money. At the end most popular musicians have their own patterns and if an algorithm can resynthesize this, than it will be done in order to make money.

But at the end there will also be enough people who want to listen to music composed from musicians who write something.

Overall from a developer point, I am starting to use Reaper in fun machine learning projects, but the approach is more from a musician who is bothered by some tasks I have to do.

Here is a link on a prototype of supportive AI/ML usage in Reaper.

I am working to automatically classify synthesizer presets, so the user can find promising sounds a bit faster. So focus on the creative and not the boring part. That is something in algorithm can do quite well ad which saves me time when looking for new sounds.

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