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Originally Posted by toleolu View Post
...given that there is so much about all this recording and mixing that I don't really get anyway. I'm just a guitar player.
I mean do you wanna keep saying ďIím just...I donít get it,Ē or do you actually want to learn? Iím cool either way really.

The one big trick that nobody else will tell you is that it doesnít have to be hard or particularly complicated. If you have a compelling performance of an appropriate arrangement of an interesting piece of music, it doesnít take much to get it recorded. Use what youíve got, move things around, turn knobs, try not to fuck it up. Especially donít waste time and creative energy trying to make it sound too much like something it isnít. Record it. Record it on your phone if you have to! If it actually is good, people will thank you.

Afterwards you can listen through and find maybe some things that arenít quite the way youíd like them to be. Then you find a knob to turn and then turn it until it sounds good. Which knob? Well, whatís wrong? That part (knowing which knob) takes some knowledge and experience, but youíve got a bunch of that at your fingertips right here on the forum.
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