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Originally Posted by madphilly View Post
I do really need to take some time changing mic placement, I suffer with a lack of patience so this always proves tough lol! I haven't tried yet, but I'll have a go recording both mic'd and DI and research this 'blending' technique, see where that takes me.
I know what you mean about the patience thing. But you'll find that as you play around with different mic placements, settings, etc. you'll soon get the sound that you like, or more accurately, the best sound that you can get with your setup. Like you, my setup won't give me studio quality, but with a little work I can get something that sounds good enough. Once you get that, then on future projects, you'll be able to dial that in pretty quickly.

There's a preset in ReaEQ called Close mic acoustic guitar, something like that, I found that if I get the recording to sound as good as I can, that's pretty much the only effect I need. I'm sure my recordings could benefit from other tweaks as well, but I try to keep things simple, especially given that there is so much about all this recording and mixing that I don't really get anyway. I'm just a guitar player.

I recorded this last year, just mic'd the guitar at the 12th fret and put that ReaEQ on.

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