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Squeaky ...
Here are a couple of things.
The shortest and believe it or not the best way to avoid squeaks while playing an acoustic guitar is to practice not making them. Study the times you do not make squeaks when you could have and learn from those.
Relaxed playing, good position of the fretting hand and also right hand.
Tricks.... one I did two days ago on my Martin this guitar has a very slim neck for all practical purposes too thin for my left hand to get a clean "C" chord without a buzz. I needed the sound of open chords they had what I wanted and needed to play a "C" then "D" I was getting this buzz and nothing in my artillery of vst' would take this sound out, so... I tuned my B string up to C (up a semi Tone) and there the answer was two new shapes with less interference in the sound quick to record a perfect take and then a down tune after success. (My Martin neck is too narrow for my fingers at the nut)
Think outside the square and note the things that succeed for you and build off those.

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