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Version 8.70 is online! Enjoy!

Get it from
  • All devices
    • New: Stop (or toggle playback) also disables record
    • New: Improved autodetect: Do not add a device if one of the midi ins/outs is already in use. Refresh midi devices before executing the autodetect.
    • New: Configuration window is now a top level window
    • New: Added simulator window for each device
    • Fixed: Some LEDs did not update correctly
    • Fixed: Duplicating media items from the session view did always duplicate the selected media items.
  • Beatstep
    • New: Easier switching between note selection and step editing in sequencers. Turning knob left selects play/note select, turning it right selects step editing.
    • Fixed: Value change on some knobs were flipped (e.g. scrolling browser).
    • Fixed: The Note Sequencer used the drum mapping and octave shifting.
    • Fixed: Pads sometimes lit with wrong color after pad was pressed
    • Fixed: Pads sometimes lit with wrong color after leaving Shift mode
    • Fixed: Browser mode was canceled when Shift was released
  • Push 1/2
    • Fixed: Filter active sensing warnings from log console
    • Fixed: Push 1: Frame mode showed an empty display
  • Launchpad:
    • New: Non-Pro models: Pressing the Delete and Duplicate pads in shift mode activates the related mode. Leaving the shift mode and entering session mode allows then to delete/duplicate clips and tracks. After deleting/duplicating an item the delete/duplicate mode is turned off.
    • New: Turn of panorama lights for non-existing tracks, instead of showing them centered
    • Fixed: Launchpad X was not correctly using the velocity faders
    • Fixed: Fader scaling was wrong (except Launchpad Pro)
  • Komplete Kontrol A-Series / S-Series Mk2 / M32
    • Fixed: Some buttons did not work (Quantize, Metro, Undo)
  • MCU
    • Fixed: Record button was not always lit correctly
  • Push 2
    • New: Added duplicating notes in Note, Drum, Drum 4 and Drum 8 sequencers. Keep Dulicate button pressed, select the source note, press empty destination pad(s). The note will be copied with all settings.
    • New: Tempo and Position knobs only show their value as a popup notification. The metronome settings can now be accessed by long-pressing the Metronome button. Note: play position text is only updated when playback is active!
    • Fixed: Layout of Touchstrip mode was not updated to new features on Push 1
    • Fixed: Play view was not active on a newly added track
  • SL MkIII
    • Fixed: Crash when selecting track again to enter device mode
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