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As far as nature and man...

One is random, one is deductive iteration, hence the difference in time scales. Meaning, humans can test/observe/change exponentially more quickly than nature does which we have. Then again we are product of nature so... Either way we've clearly reached a threshold where our technological progress was mostly a flat line for 100k years and goes almost vertical in alignment with the industrial revolution. Surely we could hit some wall but we also become more and more biased the closer and closer it comes to us as we don't want to think something could out do us, but technically, our creating something smarter than us is in itself some type of evolution realized through humans via nature.

As far as "AI", there's nothing there that says we'll have humanoid robots fooling us anytime soon per se, but it does tell us that things like knowing which objects in a picture or video frame are people, faces, eyes etc. That will obviously get better and better. It's generally true AI needs lots of inputs, so what, humans need exactly the same thing. Right now we are "inputting" every bit of human existence, behavior and emotion for analyziation, at some point big data will be able to predict your reactions/behavior with statistical relevance before you can.
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