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Originally Posted by chip mcdonald View Post
That's o.k..

Let's come back here in 5 years and see.
When you get the AI working - put it in the back seat of my flying car...

I deal AI from a hardware side everyday. Have to listen to coders bitch about Google's TPU and Nvidia's TX/Nano/Xavier crap. Basically a bunch of vector math engines with some secret sauce thrown in (but not much) ... From what I see it took nature a zillion years to get us this far (which ain't sayin' much). Man thinks he'll do it in a few decades? Unless there's a significant breakthrough - say something with quantum computing - I dunno . I think my kids will be looking back they way I do about aforementioned flying cars...

As to more about quantum computing - see LANL's (Los Alamos National Lab) writeup:

Note the section:
' ... Solving an optimization problem with the 2X isn’t
remotely like making a spreadsheet on a conventional
computer. “You wouldn’t want to use it to balance your
checkbook,” explains John Sarrao, the Laboratory’s Associate
Director of Theory, Simulation and Computation. “If you
need to get an exact answer, then any beyond-Moore’s-Law
technology is going to be a poor choice. But if quick and close
is good, then D-Wave is the one.” ...'

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