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Another point is that AI depends on discerning patterns. Now this can work surprisingly well (listen to this: or possibly this ). But real creativity is in breaking conventions or at least bending and combining them as you can see from Beethoven to the Beatles. I don't think we are anywhere near being able to program (is that even the right word?) the algorithm necessary to bring about revolutions in that sense.

AI is also pretty hopeless at sustaining creativity - try and read an AI novel for instance. Poems maybe but then the surrealists were producing equivalent cut up verses in the 1920s so no advance there.

As to emotionality again I am really sceptical - OK they may analyse an Aretha Franklin recording and track some dynamics etc. but applied across a whole album I would guess people would feel emotionally cheated. Unless of course the whole thing was edited and curated by a human being to find the most soulful takes.

I could be totally wrong - after all I was hugely sceptical that they could ever get a reliable autofocus sytem for photography!!!!!! (I am dreadfully old BTW>)
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