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chip mcdonald,
I think you are over-hyping the things AI could do.
Yes, it will definitely be used in statistics, finance, law and politics... those professions are gone (for good)! Even coding will be obliterated to e great extend.

For creative professions - not so much if anything at all.
I would love to "sing" something on the mic an through the speakers to hear as a result "AI Freddie Mercury" doing some crazy live performance.
Will it happen?! I highly doubt!

Just look at the games. AI is total BS in those. Another big subject.
Of course with upcoming 5G we won't see great improvement with AI in games (they will be mostly MMO) and I would like to be proven wrong! This is a different subject though.

AI, as with most technologies in computing, will be used mainly by government warmongers/politicians like CIA, NSA, KGB, MOSSAD, Scotland Yard, MI6, something chinese, something russian.

You know what - they already are using it!

And to be honest, Reaper and most other DAWs, already have more features than most of us will ever use, even without AI.
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