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Originally Posted by chip mcdonald View Post
As specialized processing gets it closer to real time, you'll have practice amps that will take any kind of nonsense input and make it sound like a reasonable clone of any sound AND style. It will not only fix intonation, but timing, dynamics and phrasing on the fly. A "band" can perform onstage and sound fantastically nothing like what the humans on stage are "performing".
Seems like ol lip synching/miming does exactly that without any additional R&D budget. Perfectly acceptable for large part of the public too. Same with "studio" music making, you don't need any AI neural network spacebrains, just buy a legally available libraries of loops, drum patterns or chord progressions to fake proficiency and you're good. This ship has already sailed, I guess. Niche of weirdos peeking at what musicians fingers are doing is small but energetic tho, vide that neo-funk or tech metal scenes of today.
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