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Originally Posted by themixtape View Post
Still experiencing the freezing (with Poise) and glitchy audio (with Guru) when playback is stopped.

I removed: MCU regular (all files), MCU Klinke (all files), and SWS/S&M Extensions (all files).

I also tested with a fresh, EMPTY portable install of Reaper 6.03.

Problem still happening, but not as bad with 7.05.
Thanks for all the tests!

Still no idea about the glitchy audio, I previously also tried some plugins which people reported problems with but they did not show an issue on my system.

Regarding the freezing: I noticed that as well, it sometimes needs about 1-2 seconds "to wake up" after being stopped for some time. I am not fully sure how to approach this but at least have an idea.

Some final idea for a test: could you try with your plugins without using a template? Maybe there is something weird in the template from an older Reaper version?!
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