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Default Launchpad X - Fader velocity and Clip length

Hi there

First of all, great stuff! Makes my brand new Launchpad a very usable tool ;-)

Now the thing: Either I didn't see the setting, or there might be a bug in the Launchpad X implementation. The Volume control faders don't seem to respond to velocity - where a light touch should slowly fade up, and high velocity should almost jump. Also the taps for "fine adjustment" don't seem to work there. Other things like drumpad has velocity though.

The other thing is more of a question - is it possible to have the clips independent as in - e.g. creating a clip that "as long as I want" and not having it necessarily synced up? Use case would be e.g. long drones or long-form drumlines underneath. If it's technically not possible (or just annoying to program) I'm ok with that - playtime takes that use case (but unfortunately I have to do either-or for that). I'm pretty new to that workflow itself, so I still have to find my way around (like finding out why clips of the same track go in the same place etc, I know it's PEBKAC there)

Again, great stuff already!

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