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Originally Posted by moss View Post
Thanks for the project. When I open it I first get the following Reaper error:

There were 3 items in the project that were saved by extensions. If you save this project without those extensions installed, you may lose those extensions' data.

Project tokens not recognized:

Does that mean you run 2 instances of Klinke and SWS? If you do, could you please try to remove these extensions (move them out of the UserPlugins folder) and test if you still have that effect.

After that something weird happens, a little gray window appears above the Maschine window, which belongs to the Maschine plugin (I checked the window name). When I close that (Alt+F4 is the only way), it complains that it cannot find its Samples, seems you installed them not into the default folder.

After that I see only a track with Maschine, is that correct? No MIDI clips on the track or in Maschine? So, with that you see the effect that the playback stutters?
Thanks, Jurgen! Yes, they're disabled (the MCU regular and Klinke, but I'll remove them just in case). SWS AutoColor is simply a thing that colors tracks according to their name, but I can temporarily remove the SWS Extensions to test.

Re: the Maschine samples, yes, I know... they are tied to a Track Template which is custom for me... I only uploaded the Reaper Project, as requested... if you want me to upload my entire Reaper install folders, I can... it's a portable install, and runs about 1GB in size, with random things in it.

As, no midi tracks tied to the Maschine track. It's just the plugin. The main problem again is the freezing when playback is stopped. It does not happen in recording or playback mode. Only while transport is fully stopped. That's what I'm trying to figure out.

I think what could help the most is if I send you the Poise installer file, so you can install it and see if the problem persists, as it's worse with Poise than it is with Maschine. Would you be ok with me uploading the installer file? Thanks!
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