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Originally Posted by themixtape View Post
another Feature Request (if possible)
Any way to have a Push 2 User mode that allows for customization of the main 8 encoders, and pages of them? For generic mapping of plugins, as some Devices don't show anything when using DBM's Device mode. I would love to have like 4 pages of mappable encoders (any CC#, relative1, relative2, and of course, absolute) in User mode... and maybe also the top buttons (below encoders and below screen) assignable as button functions, in the same way they are assigned in the main DBM pages.
I was looking so far into getting e.g. the indiviually channel parameters but there is no API for that.
I like your idea to simply send some CCs in that mode, seems I was thinking too complicated. Will put it on the wishlist.

Originally Posted by themixtape View Post
Also wondering... is there any way to manually map certain plugins with Device mode? If not, that's ok, just wondering... further, with the Komplete Kontrol plugin, everything works pretty well which is nice... but the Pages don't line up with Push 2 or the SL MKIIIs screens... for instance, the first 4 Pages in Komplete Kontrol are the scale settings (most on Page 1, a couple on Page 2) then Page 3 is blank, then Page 4 the first two slots are blank, then Arp settings... into Page 5 and a couple slots on Page 6.
Sadly, Reaper has not the features to rearrange these parameters. I thought about implementing this myself but that would be a huge effort.
So, better send a FR to Cockos.
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