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Jurgen, I've got to ask you if you can possibly take a look at your java code from version 7.05 to 8.00.

I'm still getting lag with the Poise plugin, and a lot of Arturia stuff, and Guru (32-bit bridged to 64-bit). Every second, freezing... here's a LiceCap proving such.

This is with version 8.60. Notice the lag when I'm jogging the timeline with my right cursor key. And although the screencast can't capture it, when I move a window around, I'm experiencing the same brief freeze that you see with the timeline movement. ANY plugin window or menu access lags. There has been noticeable, annoying lag since version 8.00, but NOT with 7.05 or any of the ones prior.

Please, if you could take a look at the Java code or what you changed with the script... none of the debug modes have helped, and I've tried them all.

Browser does not let me insert a plugin with any version before 8.00, and 7.05 lets you change Play Position with the encoder on Push 2, but this does not work with version 8.00 or above.

And Note Repeat (8.60) is still not working with Push 2. It skips over 1/16 and 1/32, just like I initially mentioned a little bit ago.

Please let me know if you can get rid of this lag, in future versions beyond 8.60. Something definitely changed between 7.05 and 8.00.

Also, this lag still happens without Poise and Guru in the project. It happens with Maschine version 2.8.7, too. It's not limited to older plugins. It's important to note that something broke between version 7.05 and 8.00.

Thanks man!

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