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Originally Posted by FMNY View Post
I have a question for you. One thing I can't easily do with these actions is undo or replace a much earlier edit. With the undo window you can of course undo the last edit you did, but I sometimes need to change an edit done much earlier on in the piece. For example, say earlier on I did a small patch using take x but now I want to use take y for that patch.

Is there a way to quckly delete a cross fade? Without the cross fades I could simply patch right over with the new take. Instead I find myself manually reducing the cross fades to length zero before patching over. That's a quite cumbersome way to do it.
I find undo gets tricky enough with the last edit especially when switching between project tabs, consolidating actions (or not) etc, let alone trying to find a previous edit to undo!

We use the - and + keys to move to the nearest item edges quickly -- if you use this to select the area of an existing patch you can replace it fairly neatly.

However, it only works if you select the outside edges of the two crossfades otherwise you end up with a horrible composite crossfade...
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