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Yes Sir!

Ohh, I did not even know Vsync now have ON and Fast.
Low latency have ON and Ultra.
Tried in on the very sensitive QuakeLive and the first time did nothing for capping and I went *say whot!?*
Shut the game down and tried again, this time it Did cap.
Vsync seems to have improved and activating Gsync+Vsync and Low latency work pretty good though

But with games like that, if there is aaany even extra (measurable) delay then I might go without it though for those kinds of games, but I will test it properly more tomorrow like a chamt and simply eyeball my stats vs all ON, all OFF.
If Gsync and Vsynk is two more steps for signals to go through and be processed then my guess there must be some extra delay? but anyway, see what is best tomorrow.
rfactor2 Def will get the full treatment.
Thanks man


The next day: Nope, Asus Tweak ii FPS Cap is better for me.

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