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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
I've been playing games as I bought a new graphics card, and so many windows games can be played through wine lately
Steams Proton ("WINE")-mode works great also.
Had one problem with for example Rfactor2, turns out one could say the GPU is to fast! and need to be FPS capped, problem was on both Windows and Linux so my question is, how do one FPS cap on Linux?

I am a tad Windows VST biased still, and I know many things Can be WINEd, but would Prefer all Native one day and that all software devs agree and "can/want to/have time/Money'blabla's"
I actually thought "for music" would beat "for games" as for native'ness.

So glad I did my Linux adventure so I am Linux-ready in 5 minutes, think all should learn/try Linux in their own phase so they are ready.
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