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Originally Posted by monty View Post
I have changed from manjaro to arch ... which improved the performance enormously ;-)
Do you use an RT kernel from the AUR repositories?
I have installed the Zen Kernel & header (linux-zen linux-zen-headers realtime-privileges) from official repositories, I think it is more stable when installing system updates and also more trustworthy repositories ...
I guess it works like a lowlatency kernel would you recommend another kernel or can I use it for a good audio performance with arch?
Strange, I would have imagined that they performed similarly (the distros).

I don't remember, I haven't used the zen kernel for years. Personally I added a repo from dvzrv (the primary Arch audio packager). It gives me the AUR rt kernels without having to build them locally.

Add this to /etc/pacman.conf, and then you can install linux-rt or linux-rt-lts with pacman as any other package. Very convenient.

Server =$arch
If using nvidia use the nvidia-dkms package which automatically builds the kernel modules for all installed kernels.
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