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Originally Posted by mjfe2 View Post
Thanks for the quick reply. Ah yes, I always thought the beauty of the action was that it could be executed in either window. But this must be the issue. Is there a workaround the share undo lists across projects?

I've found and fixed what seemed to be another bug which is that if the cursor in the source project is at the end or to the right of the time selection, the copy function doesn't seem to work so the previous edit's selection is pasted into the new destination time selection.

If I move the source cursor to within the time selection or to the left of it, copy seems to work again.

So I added to the S/D edit without crossfades action an extra command to move the cursor to the start of the time selection, which seems to over-ride this funny quirk...
Of course you can execute the custom action from either window and the edit itself is fine either way, but for the undo custom action to appear properly it needs to be executed from the destination window.

I don't see any way to share undo lists across projects, but by always executing the custom action from the destination window I find that I rarely use the undo list in the source window.

I have encountered that bug you mention where it pastes the previous edit, but so few times that I simply assumed I did something wrong myself. Now I know why it happens.

You said you added the fix to the action without crossfades. I've never used the action without crossfades. I'm using the S/D action with crossfades 100% of the time. Did you do that because you are mostly using the custom action without crossfades?

I actually don't know how to add a command to the custom action, but I'll make sure to have the cursor at the start of the selected area whenever I do an edit so as to avoid that bug. Thanks!
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