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Originally Posted by mjfe2 View Post
Anyone else having problems with Reaper's built-in 'undo' function?

It tends to undo the entire S/D edit and often removes the time selection too, whereas I would expect the time selection to remain in place because this was a prior process.

Then when I select re-do the time selection returns but the edit is not available on the re-do list.

I think I've asked this before but does undo/redo not work 'across' multiple project tabs properly?
Thanks to your earlier message I've got source destination editing working again. The problem for me was having to turn off ripple editing in the source. That was an unexpected solution because in the past you could have or maybe even needed to have ripple editing on in both source and destination. Once I turned ripple editing off in the source everything started working properly again.

Regarding the undo window I haven't been experiencing the problem you mention. You probably already know this, but you need to be in the destination window when you press the F10 key in order for the custom action (i.e. the edit) to show up properly in the undo window. This is also new behavior to me, because in the past the custom action went in the undo list regardless of whether you were in the source window or the destination window when you pressed F10

With those two little adjustments I've done hours of hours of source destination editing in reaper over the past weeks without any issues.
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