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Originally Posted by FMNY View Post
This source destination editing functionality is crucial for me, but unfortunately Pelleke's macros have been broken for a long time. I don't know which upgrade of Reaper or SWS did it, but this process that used to work so beautifully no longer work properly. Instead of the selected area of the source being edited into the designated area of the destination, I just end up with a hole in my source and nothing added to the destination.

I wrote to Pelleke, but he does not seem to be around anymore so I can't turn to him to see if he can fix it. Is there anyone who would be willing to look at his macros and see why they don't work anymore? I wish the Reaper development team would add this functionality to Reaper, but people have been asking for this for years and it still hasn't happened.
Assuming you’ve turned ripple edit off in source and on in dest, this seems to be a bug that we’ve encountered too. Does it work if you move the edit cursor to within or just before your time selection within the source project? The ‘hole’ appears for us when the edit cursor ends up after the time selection though it’s not consistently a problem...
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