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Thanks! So MK1 is working directly throw your extension and MK2 throw NI service. Do you already have A-series or know if it is going to work throw NI service as MK2 or more like MK1?

I will try to explain. RWP community can not use lights and monitors. But NI has implemented accessibility in the service and it works with S. They will implement it for A, but it is not there jet. Some people are thinking what to buy.
On one side, S gives accessibility already now and MK2 gives it (if understood that correctly) for the DAW section as well, independent from the reaper extension which transfer the information (your extension is obviously not speaking, as all other surface extensions at the moment). The disadvantages is that MK2 has useless (for RWP) monitors and LEDs and as you say in the video does not support not NKS integrated plug-ins.
On the other side is A, which does not have useless components, lighter and cheaper. If it is working as S MK1, it will not have accessible DAW controls out of the box but has potential for overall accessible extension. In case it works as S MK2, it will have all advantages/disadvantages of current MK2 implementation.
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