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Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
You asked originally if note velocity values could be changed to trim values.
Actually, no I didn't but I can see why you thought I did. I asked if the line in a MIDI item could control trim instead of controlling velocity. I'm not looking to convert velocity into anything.

I can draw an automation item that controls trim underneath a MIDI item. It would be convenient if I could reconfigure the line in the MIDI item that currently adjusts velocity to instead adjust trim. That way, I could simultaneously control trim the way I can currently simultaneously control velocity in multiple MIDI items. The trim would not affect the CC values.

Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
There is no such thing as a trim value in the midi standard. It simply does not exist in the midi domain.
True, and it doesn't relate to my issue.

Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
So you are left with the other possible ways to affect loudness in the domain of midi. These are: Volume CC, Expression CC, or possibly some proprietary CC unique to your particular VSTi.
I can also draw a trim or a volume envelope. That's what I want to use in a different way than I currently can.

Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
I wish you luck on your quest...
Thanks but I suspect, unless a new feature is added to Reaper I'm stuck. Although, there is a less convenient way to do what I want. I can open multiple items in the MIDI editor and adjust (drag up or down) the recorded CC values (CC01 in my case) of both MIDI items at the same time. I guess that will have to do.
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