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Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
So, Mod Wheel
It seemed strange to me because all the mod controllers I've ever seen are spring loaded to return to center when released.
Originally Posted by Stella645 View Post
Mod wheels are generally not spring loaded. I have seen ones that are....usually some combination of pitch and mod in a joystick or something
I actually have one of each. On one MIDI controller I have A MOD wheel (not spring loaded) that is easier to control than a fader, with a spring loaded pitch bend wheel beside it. On a different MIDI controller, I have a joystick. A quick google search tells me that MOD wheels are common, faders almost but not quite as common.

Originally Posted by Stella645 View Post
Mod Wheel volume is common for dynamic expression in Orchestral libraries or instruments but not something you'll see outside of that.
An orchestral library is what I'm dealing with.

Originally Posted by Stella645 View Post
If you are using cc1 via modwheel for expression then you would use cc7 midi volume as your "trim" volume.
So, given that I want to keep things simple where volume and cross fade between samples is directly related, I'm hoping it's not a bad idea to use the MOD wheel to control both.
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