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Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
If you hook a keyboard to a synth and start playing,then send a single volume CC change event, that event will affect all later notes on that midi channel until a later volume CC change overwrites the prior one.
And that I think is where we are talking about different things. Am I right that you are envisioning Reaper controlling a physical synth? I'm dealing with Reaper controlling a VST. During playback, MIDI channel is not going to matter to me. Reaper plays back the notes that were already recorded on that track and sends them to the VST that has been added to that track. I don't have to care about MIDI channel at that point.

I just leave everything configured (by default) to respond to all MIDI channels which is fine because Reaper is the only thing listening to my MIDI controller. My MIDI controller is not listening to any MIDI channel.
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