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So, Mod Wheel
It seemed strange to me because all the mod controllers I've ever seen are spring loaded to return to center when released. That would be great for, like, a jog function for cursor position....

And, CC events
CC events are present when they are present. Whether in playback or record is not relevant. If you hook a keyboard to a synth and start playing,then send a single volume CC change event, that event will affect all later notes on that midi channel until a later volume CC change overwrites the prior one.

Now consider it from the synth viewpoint. Does the synth 'know' whether the midi volume CC coming in is from a live keyboardist, from a recorded midi track where the performer did a volume CC change while playing, or from a recorded midi track where you edited in a volume CC change? No, it does not.The effect is the same in all of these.

This is true for all CC messages, not just volume.

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