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Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
If it works for you, use it. Who am I to judge?
Sure, but I'm still interested in varying opinions to keep me from doing something stupid with my sample library. Recently, I've combined volume and cross fade into a single control and it seems very playable that way so far.

Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
A CC such as trim, volume or expression (or Mod wheel) affects ALL notes in a given midi channel. ... It will boost notes in the other items on midi channel 1 as well, until another CC event on midi chan 1 turns it back down.
I think we are talking about 2 different things. Are you talking about volume / CC events during recording? For what I'm talking about, MIDI channels would be irrelevant. My issue is all about playback and is more of a post recording mixing issue after 2 MIDI items have already been recorded.
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