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Originally Posted by pbattersby View Post
Why? I've seen various libraries that use a slider for volume control. Why not the MOD wheel since it's not being used for anything else and it's more common to find a MOD wheel than to find sliders on a MIDI controller?

In this case, the MOD wheel controls both the volume and a dynamic cross fade between samples. Seems to me like a natural and realistic way to control the sound. No?
If it works for you, use it. Who am I to judge?


But controlling velocity is not what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to control a volume (trim) envelope automation item on multiple MIDI items.

When velocity was being used to set the volume of each note, I could drag the line in the middle of a MIDI item in the track control view and reduce the velocity (volume) of all notes in that MIDI item. If I selected multiple MIDI items, I could adjust the velocity (volume) of multiple MIDI items.

Now if I want to adjust volume (more specifically the trim), I need an automation lane and preferably an automation item. That's no problem. But I'd like it if one of two things were possible. I'd like to change the line in a MIDI item from controlling the velocity, to controlling the volume (trim) of the item
Yes, that would be cool. AFAIK, it's not currently possible in Reaper.
I suspect it would have unintended consequences. A CC such as trim, volume or expression (or Mod wheel) affects ALL notes in a given midi channel. For example, you have 2 items that use midi channel 1 and play at the same time. Now you boost the level of a weak note in one of the items. It will boost notes in the other items on midi channel 1 as well, until another CC event on midi chan 1 turns it back down.


I'd like to be able to select multiple automation items and raise / lower their values together.
This is possible. Might need a script.

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