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Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
Wow, using the MOD wheel to control volume? Strange, to say the least.
Why? I've seen various libraries that use a slider for volume control. Why not the MOD wheel since it's not being used for anything else and it's more common to find a MOD wheel than to find sliders on a MIDI controller?

In this case, the MOD wheel controls both the volume and a dynamic cross fade between samples. Seems to me like a natural and realistic way to control the sound. No?

Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
The problem is that velocity is NOT a CC (continuous control) in MIDI
But controlling velocity is not what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to control a volume (trim) envelope automation item on multiple MIDI items.

When velocity was being used to set the volume of each note, I could drag the line in the middle of a MIDI item in the track control view and reduce the velocity (volume) of all notes in that MIDI item. If I selected multiple MIDI items, I could adjust the velocity (volume) of multiple MIDI items.

Now if I want to adjust volume (more specifically the trim), I need an automation lane and preferably an automation item. That's no problem. But I'd like it if one of two things were possible. I'd like to change the line in a MIDI item from controlling the velocity, to controlling the volume (trim) of the item OR I'd like to be able to select multiple automation items and raise / lower their values together.

Maybe I should restate my issue like this, simplifying it. Is there a way, I can adjust CC1 (simply raise or lower all values) of multiple MIDI items simultaneously while keeping the CC1 automation items, or envelope points, otherwise independent?

I'm going to add the above paragraph to my original post because I don't think I originally explained what help I need, well enough yet. Hopefully the above paragraph helps.
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