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Wow, using the MOD wheel to control volume? Strange, to say the least.

The problem is that velocity is NOT a CC (continuous control) in MIDI, it is a note property. The data from each note has both note number and velocity (corresponding to how hard the key was hit). Otherwise you could simply use the JS: MIDI CC Mapper plugin to convert the data to Mod Wheel data.

You probably will need to put the items on separate tracks, and assign a separate midi channel to each track, then create MOD wheel control envelopes for each.

It might be worth trying the Midi Volume control (CC 7) to see if that works. But, again, the Volume controller is midi channel specific, so if you want them to have different levels you'll still need to assign them separate midi channels.

If this is a VSTi you can simply remix the audio as it comes from the synth, instead. Might be worth a try.

Good luck!
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