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Originally Posted by reapercurious View Post
how does this latency test work? what does this program do? its not clear. it sends a pulse and why? i ONLY set my asio4all buffer size to the best it can manage without cracking up and leave it there. so why are people in this thread making several tests and posting those numbers? how is this useful?
Last thing first, how is this useful? You want as little latency as possible or at least low enough that you can manage whatever you are doing with your DAW. This becomes critical when you play live (instruments) thru the DAW and cannot or don't want to use direct (zero latency) monitoring. May also be crucial when mixing through outboard gear. In these cases you are affected by RTL, roundtrip latency.

What these tests show are the roundtrip latencies of different audio interfaces at different buffer sizes. So you have some real world data to refer to especially when you need to check what interfaces could do better than your current one. Not something you may think of if you are happy with your current one already, but surely something to keep in mind when updating your gear.

You can check how it works from here:

DAWbench site has been keeping a latency database for years already.

What could be done here is to maybe include even more info about each test setup, like some have done. There are so many different possible configurations, after all.

edit: Faderjockey was already there.
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