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Hi G-Sun, Breeder, and all.

I may have found a problem with tempo mapping. Actually finzic came across it first.

This has nothing to do with you guys and your tempo mapping actions. I believe this is a problem with Reaper.

It will not process BPMs of 240 and over. It works fine with BPM-239 but from 240 on it basically cuts the BPM in half. BPM-240 becomes 120, BPM-260 becomes 130, etc..

Also instead of createing full measure tempo markers it's making them half measure tempo markers. In other words instead of going from Bar-1/Beat-1 to Bar-2/Beat-1 it's going from Bar-1/Beat-1 to Bar-1/Beat-3. You can see that in the pict below. The Project Settings remained the same but the Transport BPM changed which makes sense.

Heres a picture of trying to create double time with a basic 120-BPM project. In other words going from BPM-120 to 240. It just doesn't like BPM-240 and above.

This should probably be in the Bug reports but I wanted to run it by you guys first in case I'm missing something.
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