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Default Making a tempo map

I'd like to share with you my typical workflow,
that may be a little different than others do things.

I'll guess typical tempo-mapping is about nailing the most accurate map of the recorded audio.
My approach is more aimed at creating a best possible tempo-map for a song, from scratch.

I'll often start with a
1) Cue/scratch take with let's say vocal, acoustic guitar and tapping my foot. Often just one mic.
2) I tempo-map it, using a resolution of 4/4 or 8/8.
I do prefer linear tempo, but maybe square is more practical for this. Accuracy is not the big point. The main goal is getting basic values for tempo, as it changes through the song.
3a) I delete as many tempo-markers as possible, without loosing important changes, tweaking and deleting more. I'll insert a meteronome. And I'll split the cue track on my resolution, to follow all tempo-changes. Or
3b) I open a new/blank project. And use the tempo mapped first project as a guid-line.
4) I'll try to add midi-based instruments first, to allow more changes to tempo if necessary.
5) I'll sing through the song, and commit to the tempo-map
6) I'll add audio-based tracks and whatever is needed

I'm very happy with Breeders help in making a good tempo-workflow possible. Yet, there are a few FRs left to make 3b) my preferred way

I'll upload a few pictures if anyone's interested.

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