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Originally Posted by moss View Post
Here we go. I created a first version of Transformator for the Novation Remotes. Should work with all versions incl. MkI, but can't test those since I do not own one:

Read the included readme file for installation instructions and known issues (due to non fixed Reaper bugs).
Awesome news, Moss! I've received the notification about your post in the middle of the night, but couldn't get back to sleep, until I've tried Transformator. I tried to figure out the layout, but couldn't. Will try again later. For now, I've found one bug. When user press "fx disable" button, it won't enable it back with the second press.
I wonder, is it possible to edit layout manually and compile it back to executable after that?
Anyway, this is really cool project. Thanks alot!

P.S. It doesn't want to start today, and Max 64-bit proccess sits in memory. I can't end it forcibly.
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