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Originally Posted by moss View Post
You mean a tool like the Push Transformator for the Novation Remote?
I've though about some tool, that will allow user to map SL freely and have feedback from Reaper. The main goal is to get the control of the DAW, that would be close to the one that you've made for Bitwig.

Originally Posted by moss View Post
Should be pretty easy to do, since I use the same code base for both the Transformator and the Bitwig script. However, it is some versions behind the current Bitwig script.
Nice to hear that this isn't an extraordinary hard task.

Originally Posted by moss View Post
Also I got zero response to the Transformator so I did not think that someone is interested in that at all ;-)
I won't promise anything since the Remote is sitting on the shelf but let's see.
I don't have Push but there are two SL controllers at my desk, waiting to be used as control surfaces for Reaper. 8)

Why don't you use you Remote for controlling DAWs? For me, it can provide a lots of control with those encoders, leds and LCD. For now, I'm mostly using Lemur app for some basic control of the Reaper. It's breaking my heart that I've payed lots of money for my Remote SL 25 and 61 SL MkII and can't use them like you did with Bitwig or every other user controlling their hosts with a controllers from much smarter developers than Novation with their Automap.
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