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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
Found a script for Bitwig studio, which allows to use MkII without Automap.

Here's the forum page on kvraudio for discussion -
And a link to the page where everyone can download the script -
Hah, what a coincidence - I was just hacking around with Bitwig scripts at the moment, and have already been looking into his scripts lately.

This part of his code seems most interesting for your purposes (if I understand things correctly): at lines 157-166 is shown what is sent to the device when the script starts: first it sends this SysEx (also see lines 142-143) to switch to Ableton Automap mode:
F0 00 20 29 03 03 12 00 04 00 01 01 F7
Then it sends CC 78, value 127 (also see line 425) to turns off all LEDs.
Next, it sends CC 79, value 0 (also see lines 72 and 433) to disable transport mode.
Finally, it sends CC's 120 to 127, value 0 to set the LEDs in continuous mode.
That's it, basically; the CCs used are listed on lines 5-84.

Now, I don't quite understand yet what "Ableton Automap mode" implies, but perhaps it makes sense to try and follow the basics of this approach (i.e. using this configuration and CC numbers, but rolling your own lay-out for use with REAPER), using an OSCII-bot script?

Btw, I'm wondering, can you somehow easily set the device to "Ableton Automap mode" without sending SysEx? Iirc, the 'offical' version of OSCII-bot doesn't support SYsEx, but some cool user forked it to add support for SysEx... you may want/have to use that one, I guess (even if only to avoid having to send an initial SysEx message with another application, apart from REAPER and OSCII-bot).

I'll try and hack together some "Hello, world" script to get you started when I have some time.
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