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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
I'm not sure at all, but perhaps the Automap template *does* send out MIDI, but using that 'hidden' port? That's what I gathered from reading the Programmers Reference document, anyway. You might be able to find out what part of the SysEx message stands represents the USB/MIDI port to be used, so you can change it to a non-hidden, regular USB/MIDI port.
Usually, there are three ports in Reaper, associated with MkII.

1. SL MkII is for keyboard\pitchbend.
2. MIDIIN2 (with corresponding MIDIOUT2) is for fader/knobs/buttons/encoders/led/lcd.
3. Automap Midi is for "user group" of the automap templates. You can select midi channels in setup and have as many different "user group" templates inside Automap, as the amount of selected midi channels.

I think that Automap Midi is the one that is called "hidden" in reference.

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
(since I have no idea if/how that 'clamping' might affect anything)
Me too, but I think that the important data, which is used for enabling "Automap" mode and other service sysex data automatically clipped when importing template to the editor, leaving only information about control mappings.

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
, and edited it to change only this one particular byte. So, I'd suggest to try and upload this edited file to the device, see if it still works, while sending out MIDI data over its non-hidden USB port 2 rather than the hidden USB port 2.
I've tried to upload the file. First of all, I've got a warning that I'm trying upload factory preset.
Then I've uploaded it to the one of the empty templates, which automatically turned MkII to the Automap mode (automap button is lit).
Since that is happened, I was unable to switch between Automap and Advanced modes. Each time I press the Automap button, it loads Automap template and also starts Automap Server. Both temlates are showing the same layout in "user group", which was made by me, using Automap software itself (not editor).
Those templates are "internal" and aren't .syx files, but .automap files. The same type of templates is used by Automap for FX plugins settings.
All .automap templates are still working with the same .syx "Automap Universal" template. Or with "Ableton template".

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
(Btw, which Ableton template are you using? That bunch of Novation templates you posted includes two "Ableton Live Automap" templates, number 21 and number 32, respectively - and there are some minor differences in the SysEx data... do you know what those differences stand for, when using them?)
Default Ableton template is number 32. Number 21 is the result of when I've dumped template 32 to my PC and then uploaded it back under the different number. By default, number 21 is "Learn 1" template, which is the same as "Learn 2 - 11".

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
I have no idea if such a 'handshake' is actually required. I'll go through that Programmers Reference when I have some spare time, perhaps that will alllow me to better understand how things are supposed to work - it's not easy to wrap my head around this without having my hands on the actual hardware, though.
It's seems that MkII needs some type of the "ping" after each sent or received command, so it will know that Automap server is up and running.
I might use some MIDI sniffer to log the communication between MkII and Automap Server. Don't know if it'll work well, but I'll report about the results here.

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Yeah, that can be fun indeed. Just for fun, here are a couple of old videos with LED tests I did on my BCR-2000:
I've seen those videos earlier and even sent them to a friend of mine.
Did you used PD for this perfomance?

Could you give me some basic scripts for OSCII-bot, so I could adapt them to my first "Hello, world" script for communication between MkII and Reaper? For now, I'm truing to modify Peaveybox script, but there's too many information for a non-programmer like me, even if it's well commented.
You've also mentioned "shift" button script. I would like to have this script, too. Thanks in advance.
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