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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
It might be even possible to get FX's parameters of the selected track straight to the different pages of the "fx" group.
That could work, if the device stores values for non-displayed pages. Otherwise, you can cache the values for different pages and implement such a paging feature yourself in the OSCII-bot script. A bit more work, but gets the job done all the same.
Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
However, I still need to find out how to implement "shift" functions to OSCII-Bot scripts.
That's quite easy, really: you monitor the state of a button you designate as modifier button ('shift', etc.), link that to a variable (e.g. "SHIFT_BUTTON_IS_PRESSED") and use that in a simple if/else construct: if (SHIFT_BUTTON_IS_PRESSED) [do stuff]; else [do something else]. I can show you some example code if you can't figure it out.
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