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up above regarding your method for forming or shaping themal plastic using a electic cook pot and motor oil, i cant see why using vegtable oil or just cheap cooking oil wouldnt work, and its not toxic, some motor oils have things(chemicals) added to them that are probably not best to handle with your hands.

also just a tip regarding oils , if your sanding something using silicon water paper, the water may dry up on you quicker than you want , i like to use odourless baby oil to lubricate my silicon sand paper to keep it from clogging up to quickly...i also use the baby oil to keep my diamond files form clogging up..some people use spray oils like WD40 , or lemon oil but they both smell bad and are toxic, baby oil is a good safe alternative.....i tried vegetable oil but its just a bit too thick, it does work though, but its not to my liking...

just thought id mention some safer and less toxic alternatives.
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