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Good thing about the strat single coils is that you don’t have to do anything to change the magnets already there. It is quick, easy and can be undone if you want. It takes more time to loosen the strings and take off the pickguard than to turbo charge the pickups.

The best I’ve found so far is to place one Neodymium disc under each pole of each pickup. The polarity has to be right, and you will feel this if it is correct by the Neodymium disc pulling toward the installed pole. Once all 6 discs are in place, put one of the 2 inch N42 bars across the 6 discs, polarity correct if the bar pulls to the discs. This completes one pickup with 7 magnets, six discs and one bar. If the magnets are too hard to control, you may want to use some wood or Elmers glue to secure the discs first, then place the bar.

The benefits are that the gain and clarity will be major increased. The wider field will also bring in more of the tone range that you can't get out of the narrow field from stock poles alone. If you go forward with the phasing mod, the extra gain and bandwidth will help offset some of the subtractive combinations that reduce gain to get their effect.

Please let me know if you are going to remagnetize a Telecaster. There are a couple complications that require a bit more rework.

John K

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