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Default Vox Rocks!

Update on the Bulldog. Rebirth is impressive. The base of the pickups are such that to get at the magnets, the pickups would be destroyed. I used the N42 bars and let them suck onto the back with Elmer’s glue. This left about a sixteenth inch of plastic barrier without contact with the original poles.

The sound was still transformed. Now I’ve done the Fender and a Vox and will definitely be doing the rest. I’ve got to agree with the web blogs on these things. There is a specific sound quality with Neodymiums that is different from the alnicos and iron. It is a kind of bite and clarity that wasn’t expressed with the weaker systems. Thumbs up on these. KJ Magnetics seems to be the least expensive source. You can turbo charge three pickups with discs and a bar (21 magnets total) for under 20 bucks currently.

John K

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