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Default Neodymiums arrived

That was quick.

Neodymiums arrived, and these are some powerful little flyers. I thought I was having trouble keeping the N42s under control. I could feel the knife getting sucked into the package while opening it. Their bigger sizes are considered hazardous enough that they can only be shipped by ground.

Pix is a comparison. The discs are bigger and a stronger grade (one under each pole of a pickup). The small bars attract end to end, my only initial worry that they would not. Perfect for placing across the discs or replacing stock bars. The previous N42 bars should be considered as well for a bit weaker but wider field boosting a wider bandwidth. The N42 is still many times stronger than any stock bar you have.

Guys, this is about all I can give on this thread. This is what I did by trial and error till I stopped wrecking guitars and got it right. This is offered for the joy and progress of all guitar players wanting to get a better sound out of their axe.

Maybe the moderators could move this thread to another location so it doesn’t drop off the end, this for anyone needing reference now, or for new folks in the future wanting to creatively mangle their guitars into shape.

Back to the studio with a stack of Neodymiums and a fleet of guitars to zap. Vox Bulldog is about to get its coils lit up..

Best to all of you.

John K
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