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Default mixed and angled pickups

I wanted to add a note on mixing pickups on a guitar and the physical placement of the pickups. With few exceptions, mixing different type pickups does an inferior job of presenting a sound type if you are controlling phase and blend. One bad example is a strat with a double coil in with the single coils, not that you canít get interesting sounds, but the pure prototypes donít get represented right.

The other thing that knocks the sound down are guitars that have a pickup or pickups angled against the convention of the other one or two. This may benefit the individual pickup, but damage the mix. Unfortunately, this includes my Squire strat and the Vox. There are strat models and of course non Fender brands that have 3 pickups evenly spaced and aligned. You also have the option to cut a new pickguard and get the pickups symmetrical. The final end product will be improved and allow the max range out of the modification. This is one of the reasons my Hagstrom III gets a better Fender sound than the Fenders.

John K
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