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Originally Posted by gregh View Post
A 60 hz signal has a period of 16 2/3 ms. If you fed a delay back at 8 1/3 ms then wouldn't it cancel the 60Hz out and introduce a delay? You might want to filter the delayed signal as well, but with something smooth so you didn't get ringing
Hi gregh,

Hmmmm, that's beyond my limited comprehension I'm afraid LOL.

To be fair, I don't need the Hum Debugger now. I only bought it after having new GFS pups (S/S/H and coil tapped) fitted on one of my guitars, and due to problems with what turned out to be brittle wires on the pups, I got the 60hz hum even using them in humbucker mode. Now they have been finally sorted, the pedal is pretty much redundant.

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