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Its probably best that the meditation technologies be started in another forum. This pathway is radical, heavy, mind blowing, and the stuff of which dreams are made of. The life is permanently changed and all areas of existence are made better. Id like to get thru the guitar stuff and then devote focus to this ultimate science. Maybe the lounge, or a spot where the methods can be posted and discussed. We can collectively figure out what is the best way to enhance this community without getting in the way of it.

It may be better also for me to give the formal practice the way I trained before Claws process, since Claws system is a bit more unstructured (sorry Claw) and because it would be a blast to get him in the ring to give his spin on this personally (and squeeze a few guitar lessons out of him).

The first necessary step for those wanting to explore this is to look at daily schedule. Success requires a minimum of two half hour periods a day in sitting practice, best morning and evening, and has to be done like clockwork if you are to prevail. You are mastering a new cognitive skill, which requires concentrated practice like anything new worth learning. There are various peripheral support techniques to be added that eventually demand more time if you want to take them up also. Paradox is that the quality of the waking state is enhanced so you gain back far more time than was given away.

Meher **** said once that humans would some day walk on the surface of distant planets, but ultimately find that they were there themselves unchanged, and so the real final frontier is the voyage to inner space. You are very fortunate, because you are on the threshold. My role in this is only to pass on what was freely given to me.

Bear with me please with a depraved work schedule over this month. Plan is to get the guitar mod finished so we can move from the transient to the real. Extreme celebration is completely in order.

Best to all
John K
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